How can we create what we're going to need in an uncertain future?

How can we create what we're going to need in an uncertain future?

How can we create what we're going to need in an uncertain future?

Preferred Futures designs and facilitates engagement within organizations to minimize the impacts of uncertainty on strategic plans and buildings.

Engagement provides leadership a window into the wisdom and imagination present in their organizations. It’s then possible to confidently frame a problem that matters and devise implementable strategies.

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Photo courtesy of Barbie Hull.

Change is coming faster than we think – it’s already here.

Change is coming faster than we think – it’s already here.

Change is coming faster than we think – it’s already here.

This change is unlike anything we’ve known in breadth, depth, and velocity. Our hard-earned experience, gained over the years, will only carry us so far. There’s an urgent need to reach beyond what we know so that our plans and investments deliver what will be needed to succeed and grow in a future that’s going to look a lot different than it does now. 

Decision-makers need to learn from their organizations. The ability to observe, see patterns, and frame possibilities is widely distributed across an organization. We manage uncertainty and risk by engaging the diversity of our organizations. We expand what we know and reduce what we don’t – setting the stage for better plans and buildings.

Photo courtesy of Barbie Hull.

Hi, I’m Bryan Croeni.

Trained as an architect, Im grounded in a design discipline, but my career has taken me from bricks and mortar into leadership, practice-building, visioning, and strategy. Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with leading technology, life sciences, healthcare, and consulting clients, helping them align around the future that they want – so that they can assemble teams, make plans, and build with confidence. 

With one foot firmly in design and the other in the organizational world, I’m a bridge between clients and designers, I speak the language of both. In our uncertain world, I’m a facilitator, translator, and a guide.

I can help your organization envision its preferred future and formulate a plan to get there.

Here’s how we can work together:


Process design & facilitation

I help architects gain a deeper understanding of their clients’ goals and clarify success metrics.

I lead process design and facilitation and help firms develop their own process frameworks and tools.


Spatial design briefs

I work with organizational leaders, stakeholders, and end-users to frame and reinforce their vision.

I translate the language of organizations into the language of place to clarify briefs for architects and interior designers.


Organizational reinvention

I also work with clients who don’t need a building.

I facilitate conversations to foster alignment around a shared future and facilitate the creation of a strategic plan and actionable roadmap.

Organizations I’ve worked with and learned from

What Clients Are Saying

The depth and breadth of Bryan’s experience brought a soundness to our process and his unique skillset bridged a common gap in a typical architect’s toolchest.  With professionalism and grace, Bryan led our team in developing a deliberate engagement process that ensured we ignited the right conversations and asked the right questions, meeting both the goals for the design team and the client.

Sara Howell, Principal, ZGF Architects, Seattle, (Fred Hutch/SCCA master plan, Seattle)

I can truly say that the incorporation of workplace strategy into our design process has been a game-changer for us. I can’t imagine at this point not including this discipline as a means to creating buildings that are optimized for our clients.

Tim Evans, Principal, SRG Partnership, Portland, (OHSU/Knight Cancer Research Building, Portland)

I really appreciated the diverse methodologies you facilitated for us to structure conversations in three very different settings. They sparked healthy debates and achieved greater alignment amongst our leadership, comprised by influential organizations from around the globe. Your sensitivity and understanding of complexities were key to facilitating the decision-making process whilst improving relationships amongst stakeholders.

Cristina Gamboa, CEO, World Green Building Council, London – Three Year Strategic Plan

Bryan was able to create a process where we could find a safe way to be in conversation and help our very diverse stakeholders understand the need to re-invent, albeit in the context of stressful and constant change. In his work to help us align on a shared path forward, Bryan led with questions to help encourage dialogue about what was important and meaningful and did so simply and yet, profoundly, while remaining true to the Haven’s teachings, mission and vision.

Maria Malmgren, Director, Haven Institute, Gabriola Island BC – Stakeholder Engagement and Change Work

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What would be possible that’s currently beyond your reach?

Let’s work together to realize your preferred future.

Let’s work together to realize your preferred future.

Let’s work together to realize your preferred future.

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