All of us are smarter than any one of us.

To solve today’s complex global problems, we need to get the right people in the room and build their capacity to have the depth of conversation needed to make real progress on where they want to go. Better conversations are the result of a diversity of perspectives – cultural, generational and disciplinary. When we ask better questions, we get better places.

The key to success is defining a challenge worthy of your organization.

OHSU/Knight Workshop, 2016.

How can we conceptualize space to advance an organization’s mission?

SRG Partnership – Knight Cancer Research Building, OHSU, Portland, OR, US

I was hired by the building architect to develop a workplace strategy for this first-of-kind building devoted to “team research”. I engaged with the client leadership, scientists, and designers in formulating an understanding of what team research might look like and how the physical environment might advance it, which was integrated into the building design.

In this case, I was a team member, not the leader, but I formed durable relationships with client leaders, the architects and key scientific staff that continue to this day. Asked to help assess post-occupancy performance, I was able to see how effective and adaptable this building is. Our work together enabled scientists who work in the space to accomplish their mission — the early detection and treatment of cancer.

*Engaged as Principal Consultant/Co-founder at B+H Advance Strategy

How can we engage and understand a large and diverse stakeholder group – and gain critical insights – to drive a major institutional campus master plan?

ZGF Architects – Fred Hutch/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Campus Master Plan, South Lake Union, Seattle, WA, US

I was hired by the master plan architect to design and deliver a stakeholder engagement program that would inform, engage, and enlist participation to advance the master planning process. I facilitated a series of virtual focus groups to identify hallmark practices – what would be evident on the very best day of the organization. Then, we began a process of translating what we discovered to physical locations on campus and desired qualities of exterior and internal spaces.

Our co-creation created an organizational culture and user-driven overlay to traditional master planning considerations and drivers. Through this process, the team gained confidence that the emerging campus master plan will be responsive to current and future needs of two vibrant and complementary organizations.

How can we rapidly grow as an organization, without losing our start-up culture and vibe?

Playful Studios, McKinney, Texas, US

I assisted the executive team of a successful gaming start-up to envision a new headquarters building to accommodate growth to five times their existing size. The process facilitated how they could move from a scrappy start-up lease to a new, build-to-suit office building and scaling game development without losing their vibrant culture and innovation mojo.

Together we created a detailed design brief, capturing Playful’s organizational DNA – as well as conceptual models for game development studios that morphed to accommodate the various stages of game development, social/cultural spaces, and brand integration. This provided the local development and design teams what they needed to translate organizational intent into a responsive and exciting new headquarters.*

*Engaged as Principal Consultant/Co-founder at B+H Advance Strategy

What Clients Are Saying

The depth and breadth of Bryan’s experience brought a soundness to our process and his unique skillset bridged a common gap in a typical architect’s toolchest.  With professionalism and grace, Bryan led our team in developing a deliberate engagement process that ensured we ignited the right conversations and asked the right questions, meeting both the goals for the design team and the client.

Sara Howell, Principal, ZGF Architects, Seattle, (Fred Hutch/SCCA master plan, Seattle)

I can truly say that the incorporation of workplace strategy into our design process has been a game-changer for us. I can’t imagine at this point not including this discipline as a means to creating buildings that are optimized for our clients.

Tim Evans, Principal, SRG Partnership, Portland, (OHSU/Knight Cancer Research Building, Portland)

I really appreciated the diverse methodologies you facilitated for us to structure conversations in three very different settings. They sparked healthy debates and achieved greater alignment amongst our leadership, comprised by influential organizations from around the globe. Your sensitivity and understanding of complexities were key to facilitating the decision-making process whilst improving relationships amongst stakeholders.

Cristina Gamboa, CEO, World Green Building Council, London – Three Year Strategic Plan

Bryan was able to create a process where we could find a safe way to be in conversation and help our very diverse stakeholders understand the need to re-invent, albeit in the context of stressful and constant change. In his work to help us align on a shared path forward, Bryan led with questions to help encourage dialogue about what was important and meaningful and did so simply and yet, profoundly, while remaining true to the Haven’s teachings, mission and vision.

Maria Malmgren, Director, Haven Institute, Gabriola Island BC – Stakeholder Engagement and Change Work

How can we make a plan that moves us into the future?

Consulting to the CEO of the World Green Building Council (WGBC), Workshop design and facilitation for Chicago, London and New York work sessions with Council members and Corporate Advisory Board, Global 

I assisted the WGBC’s new CEO in developing and delivering an engagement and strategic goal setting and planning workshop in Chicago. Upon completion of this assignment, the CEO asked me to continue my work with them at their next meeting in London. With a successful London engagement, I was asked to lead a third workshop in New York during Climate Week. 

The series of workshops we created enabled a somewhat fragmented organization to align around key strategies, work streams and desired outcomes, four years out. I used a wide range of processes and tools to help this client create a roadmap through which to accomplish their mission.*

*Engaged as Principal Consultant/Co-founder at B+H Advance Strategy

How can we engage a diverse and misaligned stakeholder group, at a time of unprecedented change and challenge, to move forward?

Haven Institute, South Gulf Islands, BC, Canada

Assisting the management team, I designed and facilitated a series of engagement workshops to foster alignment to help move a 40-year-old institution to a different but sustainable business model impacting programs, training, and their legacy waterfront campus. Four progressive workshops introduced change-drivers, resulting opportunities and threats to engage participants in the exploration of potential courses of action and sought feedback. We achieved the degree of alignment with management and the Board to take next steps. 

Change, for any institution, is difficult – especially when the traditions and practices that endured since founding no longer work as they had. These workshops provided management and stakeholders sufficient orientation and common ground to make the next difficult steps -which are ongoing. I remain a trusted advisor as reinvention plans unfold.

What would be possible that’s currently beyond your reach?

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